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Future Calls the Dawn Chorus

Future Calls the Dawn Chorus

Presented by ISEA2013 June 13 – 23, 2013

For the group exhibition IF A SYSTEM FAILS IN A FOREST…
107 Projects and the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW

Eugene Hansen, Jenny Gillam, Dr Kron and Daniel Shaw

Intended to heighten viewers’ sense of place, awareness of their own sensory perceptions and limitations, and how technology mediates that experience, Future Calls the Dawn Chorus deliberately conflates the places that popular culture, the natural world and art occupy in our lives. The work also points to the relationship between the real and virtual experience both as an ironic reflection on the dysfunctional nature of surveillance in contemporary life, and a pointer to the changes technology is making in our perceptual space. The use of live-streamed audio (of birdlife in the Blue Mountains at the outskirts of Sydney who are particularly vocal at dawn) and video (of the flock of bird alarm clocks in the gallery) were located at testpattern.tv from dawn until dusk each day.

The work also included a one-off audio visual performance with Dan Shaw.